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How To Get Ready For An Indian Wedding | Guest Transformation

This wedding transformation video is ideal to post during the wedding season as the viewers always have multiple events to attend. The concept is to show the entire transformation in one video itself highlighting how you can look beautifully you while attending the functions! The length of the video would be around 10 minutes and the tone would be casual, informal as if talking to a friend.

1. Get your detox water ready

If you’re like me and haven’t been able to start a diet before these important events, it’s a good idea to at least have detox water since it improves mood and energy levels, boosts immune functions and helps with weight loss in the long run. I’m going to be sipping on this detox water that I made for myself just by adding 1/2 cucumber, 1 lemon, a few sprigs of mint and water (with b-roll), leave to steep overnight in the fridge. Lemons help to kick-start digestion while flushing out toxins. The vitamin C will also brighten up your skin.

(This helps build up the story so that we can seamlessly integrate our hero products- mattress and outfits)

2. Getting quality sleep before the function

Lockdown kind of messed up my routine, and I think for all of us, sleep is one thing we are deprived of. Be it because of work, or just our sleep cycle, all of us these days hardly get sleep.

That results in a lot of dark circles, which you obviously do not want, especially when you’re supposed to attend a wedding. For quite some time, I haven’t had quality sleep because of the mattress I currently use (show b-roll of old cloth mattress) so my mom recommended that I change my mattress.

She suggested I go for something which aligns my spine and supports my back. Something which has a breathable cover so that it doesn’t retain heat, and will keep me cool during the summer nights.

Something which is light has air circulation and is anti-allergic. So I found this Emma mattress, it has all these properties, has a zip cover which can be removed easily, and re-washed.

It is highly durable, 100% vegan and organic and it comes with a 100-day trial which I feel

is great! It is one of the most awarded mattresses in the world, and rightly so! It comes with an 11-year warranty and they also provide free and fuss-free delivery and returns.

The way you feel while you're awake depends in part on what happens while you're sleeping. Which is why, the quality of sleep you get, greatly determines your well-being. I will leave a link to the mattress down below so you can check it out and get it for yourself!

We approached Emma they were kind enough to give me a 5% discount for my viewers.

There is already a 40% discount on Emma right now so with the code, imagine its 45% off, basically getting it in half!

3. Skincare

If you have a good skincare routine especially before the functions, it totally changes the way you look. My Nani actually introduced me to this DIY mask that I make purely from ingredients easily available at home, I use this mask appropriately once a week and it really has worked wonders for me. (Show b-roll)

Here’s what I do -

All you need is curd, besan and honey

- Mix these and apply it evenly on your face

  • Leave it for about 15 mins and then wash it off

  • This mask nourishes your skin and also provides a natural glow. You can also use it to instantly revive your skin if it’s feeling dull!. Avoid using any new ingredients on that day, cause obviously you are about to attend a wedding and you don’t want anything to react on your skin

4. Makeup & Hair

Now honestly, for makeup, I feel keep it as simple

Let your skincare and skin speak for it. Keep your makeup very skin-like and natural. Don’t keep the base too heavy or cakey because it’ll show under the strong lighting and cameras and you don’t want to look all powdered in those photographs!

Some makeup tips that we will talk about while doing makeup:

- Try using a damp beauty sponge rather than brushes, it helps in blending seamlessly

  • Know your face, what suits you better

  • If you’re a dry skin type, try using a lot of cream products rather than powder. You don’t want your skin to look dry

- Do not forget to set your face, with a setting spray

  • Set it with loose powder, so that there are no creases and your makeup stays for even longer

  • Make sure to highlight your face, to get that glow!

  • Do not forget to add loads of blush, it looks so pretty and just ties the look together

  • Hair curling to bring hair to life

5. Deciding Your Outfits

It’s very important to decide the right outfit according to the function!

I got these stunning ones from Ishnya which is a homegrown printing their own fabrics and curating light Indian/ Fusion wear with gorgeous styles and cuts. price range largely is between Rs.3500 - Rs.7000/ which is perfect for festive wear. Instead of buying 1 outfit which costs you a bomb and you can’t even repeat on different functions, buy clothing that is stylish and comfortable and that you can re-purpose not just during the wedding season but also during other festivals.

6. Make your accessories show stopper!

Now accessories can literally make or break your look. The right accessories can make you look so so beautiful but if you over accessorise, then it can all look like a disaster.

Let me help you here -

  • If you’re wearing heavy earrings, then obviously ditch the necklace and vice versa.

  • If your outfit already has a heavy/ embroidered neck, then avoid wearing any neckpiece, instead wear nice earrings and pull your hair away from your face so that the emphasis is divided among your outfit and your face.

  • Adding bangles or kadas is always a good idea. But make sure you don’t go overboard with it, just 2 kadas in one hand, or maybe a set of bangles in one hand and a watch, on the other hand, will look perfect

  • Don’t forget to add on a party wear sling/ clutch it always adds up to the elegance of your look!

7. Traditional wear photo hacks to transform your Instagram game!

Twirl/Dupatta twirl pose

Shy, candid pose

Panoramic view (vertically on phone) to look tall!

Getting ready for a wedding right now? Let's do this together!

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