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My Jeans Collection | Jeans For Pear Shaped Body Type

Jeans are a must-have item in any woman's wardrobe. Given this, it's astonishing that finding a pair of well-fitting denim pants is still so tough! It's difficult to know where to begin with various fits, styles, materials, and decorations. So, which are the best jeans? While that is something I can’t really answer, I can tell you it is largely depends on your body type and preferences. In the past I’ve already made a video on how to choose jeans based on your body shape and SO many of you loved it. So I thought of showing you the jeans that I have. Now the thing is, I hate the concept of hoarding jeans because truth be told, they all look pretty similar from a distance. But only when you look closely do you see why there needs to be some variety. Alright, come, I’ll show you all the jeans I wear the most!

1. LEVIS Skinny Jeans Now these are the ones I used to wear so often when I used to go to college and even for internships. Super versatile - you can style it with Kurtis, kurtas, t-shirts, tops and what not. Now in my opinion, the thing about these is, because they are skinny fit, they will look amazing styled with anything baggy. I talk about proportion often in my videos - baggy on top, fitted on bottom, or vice versa. These I believe were for around 4000 but they are worth the price. The hem is frayed giving it a more relaxed and modern feel. it gives a slim-lined look that still manages to be comfortable.

2. Kraus High Waist + Flared Let’s just begin by saying I love high waisted jeans. They almost feel like PJs and last year I wore so much of these. I think I’ve also mentioned about these in the past. They are from Kraus, you can get this on Ajio, I’ll link all these jeans down below. I wear this with all crop tops and spaghettis. These widen out from the thighs down to the ankles. And for all my pear shaped girls, this is perfect.

3. Shein Wide Leg/Flared Now these ones remind me of older times, flare jeans hug the waistline, but then flare out beyond the knees. This has a subtle, gradual flare and looks very chic, again. For me, these are a little long so either I’ll get them altered or as usual, wear them with heels!

4. Shein Ripped Paperbag BF Jeans Boyfriend jeans are all the rage, and for good reason. They have everything a girl could want in terms of elegance and comfort. They are looser, have a roomy fit but nevertheless have a tight waistband for a very flattering look. The fact that these ones have a paperbag waist (which literally means resembling a crushed paperbag’s top portion), makes it stand out in my opinion. If you have a narrow waist, heavier hips, paperboy bf jeans would look sooo good! The gathered fabric draws attention towards the narrow waist while the roomier area draws the eye away from the heavier thighs, balancing it out. Again, we talked about proportion - since this is baggy, wear a fitted top on top.

5. Go Colors Black skinny jeans My Go To Jeans! When I can’t understand anything else, I go with these. These are from Go Colors, and by the way they have a great collection - in all colours - mom and I used to go there a lot for Jeans. But black is my favourite and in fact, I have 2 or 3 of the same style from the same brand because I used to wear these so much, and still do. Also black is a neutral which means it will go with anything and everything, balancing your outfit, always.

6. Colourful skinny jeans Let’s just say these are the jeans I bought when I was a kid and wanted every possible colour I could see. I haven’t really worn all of them a lot but with say a plain black or white top, these do stand out and look very cool! Someday, maybe I will get back to these bright red jeans, but till then, these were my absolute favourite pairs!

Watch this to see all my jeans:

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