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Dressing Rules EVERY GIRL Should Know

Dressing up may seem easy but there’s a lot more than just putting on clothes you like. In a world where clothing is a major way to express yourself, here’s how you can dress well:

  1. Know your body type: While some of the latest trends are tempting, not all will work on every body type. In fact, some don’t seem to fit on anyone at all. Make sure that you are wearing something you feel comfortable in. The confidence that shines through will look better than any makeshift style.

  2. Jeans - find your fit and save it for life: Searching stores for jeans that suit your shape can be an arduous task. But it really is worth going through, regardless of whether you're after a baggy boyfriend cut or traditional straight-legged style. You might have to try on what seems like a hundred pairs but the right ones will provide a base for so many looks.

  3. Understand the colour wheel: Colour can be the foundation of flattering, eye-catching outfits. If you have felt the frustration of coordinating colourful outfits, you might fill your closet with neutrals, leaving your wardrobe relatively devoid of colour. A colour wheel helps you identify harmonious colour combinations and is the basis for many modern colour rules. So there’s monochromatic, analogous, complementary, triadic, split complementary palettes. Knowing this helps meet your needs, answers certain questions, assists you in decision making and saves you a lot of money by eliminating misguided colour choices. Remember don’t have more than three colours in your outfit at one time.

  4. The price doesn’t matter. The right combination does. Your style doesn’t have to be expensive or too time-consuming. More often than not, these things don’t matter. It’s easy to find sharp clothing for affordable prices if you know where to look! Thrift stores online or offline are a great place to start and you’ll be amazed at the kind of stuff you find there!

  5. Get an LBD: What's a list of closet staples without a "little black dress”? The concept of LBD is not unknown to any of us, most of us choose black as our favourite outfit when it comes to parties! It is the saviour of any wardrobe. The iconic LBD is a party essential as well as a date-night outfit for all the ladies. When in doubt, slip into an LBD and it transforms you into a diva in seconds. Pair it with a jacket or a blazer depending on the fit and you can even wear it in a more formal or semi-formal manner.

  6. Master the art of tucking: It used to be simple: in or out but now, the fashion Gods have switched up the rules a little - there’s the Front tuck, half-tuck, navel tuck or a full tuck – you should master some or all of them (if possible) and find out which works best with your style.

  7. Don’t leave without your accessories: You don’t need to add a lot of bling but just some dainty earrings, a bracelet or a watch (which I know is a slippery slope to add to the ‘jewellery’ list but it is very much a statement piece in its own right, I feel.

If you want a detailed video on how to dress well and elevate your outfits, here’s one:

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