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Best Ways To Dress Better In 2021

  • Upcycling

You, me and all of us often have a closet block wherein we feel that we simply do not have anything to wear. And trust me when I say this, it's okay and happens with everyone. The most affordable and the easiest solution to this is upcycling. Now, for all of you who do not know what upcycling really is. It is basically reusing old clothes, things in a more creative and a new way.

Long story short, just styling your clothes in a different way. Now, to make it even easy for you I would totally recommend doing one thing, that I personally do as well.

Say for example you have an old garment, say a basic turtleneck, or a scarf, or maybe a trenchcoat. Research and look for outfits with those clothing pieces. So, in this case, you search for ‘outfits inspirations with trench coats’ or ‘ootd pictures in trench coats’.

This way, you will get a lot of outfit pictures where different people have worn a trench coat in different ways and with different things. You can accordingly upcycle yours as well.

  • Thoughtful Shopping

Now, when it comes to shopping I know all of us to go crazy while we shop. Sometimes we don't even think before buying a garment, we just like something and instantly pick it up without thinking that will we actually end up wearing it or not, or what will we wear it with.

And all of this kind of keeps happening and that results in us standing in front of our wardrobe thinking what should we wear.

Sometimes we just stand there, looking at our clothes knowing that we have a lot of good pieces but nothing really comes together nicely and those pieces do not look as good together.

So, to avoid all of this it is important that we shop mindfully. Think before you pick up any piece of clothing from the mall. Ask yourself questions like, where will I wear this garment, how often will I be able to wear it, what can I wear it with, can I style it with different things, or is it just a one time wear kind of a garment.

This way, you will not only have an intermingled wardrobe, but you will also end up saving a lot of money.

  • Clothing Care

Now when it comes to clothing care, I know it is one of the most basic things yet one of the most important things. Trust me when I say this, we often get lazy and think that no, it's okay it's not looking that bad, but it really really does.

Clothing care includes very regular and basic things like ironing them, folding them properly, maintaining them and taking basic care that it needs.

Different materials and clothes have different requirements when it comes to there care. Usually, when we buy a garment, the instructions for its care is also mentioned on the tag.

So, if we buy any piece of clothing, its care and maintenance also matter cause if it not taken care of properly, the look of the garment will tear off and it will just not look nice.

  • Experimenting

I know experimenting sounds dangerous, and a lot of us often fear of experimenting when it comes to our clothing, our looks and our styles. Its human nature, we like being in our comfort zones and change kind of provides discomfort to us.

However, to dress better and to look better in your outfits a little experimenting never goes wrong.

Now experimenting means just trying out different cuts, styles and types of clothing in the market. Trying out new trends, bolder prints and bolder colours that make a statement and at the same time stand different from the regular colours and prints.

You can also experiment by trying out different textures and fabrics in the market. Just trying out a new style of jeans or denim also counts as experimenting. Now obviously, I am in no way saying that suddenly change your style entirely, but taking just small steps of experimenting like these every time really improves your way of dressing and also how you look as a whole.

  • Colour Theory

If we experiment, that doesn’t mean that we go all out and wear all weird combinations. Whatever colours we wear, be it light colours, pastels, bold colours, anything it should be according to a certain set pattern. Now, for this its easier if you refer to the colour wheel. To make it even easier for you, colours which are opposite each other on the colour wheel always look good together.

Knowing what colours look good together, and what doesn’t is very important, else you might end up looking like a rainbow which you definitely do not want.

Even if you're going with a bold colour or even a neon colour outfit, just know the right colour to pair it with, and it will all look put together.

Some basic colour combinations that are a classic, and always look good are blue & white/black, red&white/black/camel colour, brown & muted pink, pink & grey, marigold & grey etc.

Also, a detailed video on colour theory, colour matching outfits is coming soon on my channel, so stay tuned for that if you would like to know more.

  • Correct Lingerie

As basic and generic as it sounds, it literally makes the difference. Now, obviously, you must be thinking that whatever you wear under your clothes, how will it even make a difference.

But trust me when I say this, the correct innerwear literally shape the whole outfit and makes it look put together.

For example, if you are wearing a plunging neckline or something which is fitted on the bust, then make sure you wear a bra that provides good support, or maybe something that has an underwire to provide extra support and something that shapes and fits properly.

Similarly, if you're wearing a bodycon dress, make sure to wear seamless underwear which does not show through the dress, as the lines of your underwear look really bad sometimes and you definitely do not want that seeing through your dress.

I also have a lingerie essentials video on my channel, you can always go and check that one out, or if you want a detailed video or you have more doubts on this do let me know in the comment section I can make a proper lingerie guide for you as well!

  • Self-pampering & working on yourself

Again, even this one is very basic, yet very essential. If your outfit looks good and put together, but you look tired or messy the whole point gets nil.

The whole effort of curating the perfect outfit goes to drain if you're not presentable, or you look tired, sleepy, or undone.

Minute things like taking proper sleep, taking care of your skin, your health plays a vital role.

Make sure your nails are done, your hair looks nice, you look presentable and the whole game changes.

To know more about what I've planned, don't miss out on the video below!

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