I personally think it's never too late to learn new stuff. The more you learn, the more you grow!


We currently host 2 workshops on a monthly basis. Feel free to choose the one that interests you the most and fill-up the form on this page to get updated as soon as we schedule the next workshop. The duration of each workshop is of 1.5-2 hours. Here is what each workshop will help you perfect:

Content Creation & Social Media Growth:

  • Personal Brand Building

  • Content Creation: Creating Better Content

  • Improving Reach and Audience Growth

  • Business & Content Strategies

  • Monetisation: Moving from barter to paid (pitches, rate card, talking to brands, negotiation & more)

Price: Rs. 499/- (INCLUDES A FREE WORKBOOK + Certificate of Completion)

Personal Styling & Self Grooming

  • Developing your personal style

  • Choosing colours that flatter your body

  • Organising your wardrobe

  • Finding the right fit

  • Incorporating colour

  • Playing with prints and textures

  • Dress appropriately for any occasion

  • The art of accessorising

  • Feeling confident & owning the look

  • General etiquette which matters the most

  • Understanding the value of the first impression

  • Learn to say NO

Price: Rs. 499/-

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