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Celebrity Secrets They Don't Want You To Know!

I'm going to be breaking down for you some of the most hidden celebrity secrets that they never want you to know. These are actually very easy things that you probably must have heard. But you don't know if they're doing it or not for sure. And I'm here to help you out with that. You know they always talk about and they always

sell the most expensive products and the most expensive brands, but what do they actually do? Let's break it down!

For that early morning freshness, all you need to do is take a big bowl of water, dunk your face in it for 10 to 12 seconds and do it three times. You've done it once. Take it out, after 10-12 seconds, and do it again. What this does is it instantly boosts blood circulation, giving a nice glow to the skin, reduces redness, reduces puffiness and swelling and you're left with nice radiant skin. Now, this is something most Hollywood celebrities do, and it's also coming into Bollywood a lot. So this is something that you can do, you get a bowl of water and put ice. Nothing too fancy. You don't even need to go out and buy something. It's super easy and you can do it at your home. Anyone who is a fan of Friends knows that Jennifer Aniston is like the epitome of beauty and what she does to remove undereye bags, swelling and puffiness, what she does is basically use petroleum jelly. Dry skin can be really common around your eyelids, especially during winters. After you wash your face and nice, and clean and dry, you need to apply moisturizer. Just like you do with your skin, you need to take extra care under your eyes and to do that Jennifer Aniston uses petroleum jelly and what you can do is basically just take a little bit of it and apply it in moisturize your under eyes. And it will also form a very nice protective barrier under your eyes. All right, let's talk about Kim Kardashian. When I think of Kim Kardashian, I think of like a super luxury figure. You know, I'm pretty sure she's high maintenance. She doesn't buy cheap stuff. But if there's one thing that even Kim hasn't bought, it's a very expensive body scrub. All she does is use sugar, you know, the kind of sugar that you put into your tea or coffee. That's exactly what she uses. And all she does is apply a little bit right on to her body after she's done using a body shower. Sugar had these crystals that very nicely exfoliate and get rid of dead skin. It's high glycolic acid content helps moisturise and protects from the toxins. So all you do is whenever you're in the shower, you're done with washing, you apply a little bit of soap or body wash. And then once you're done with that just take sugar, and just kind of massage it nicely and in round, circular motions and that's about it. That's basically all you need to do.

The next thing is, please don't over pluck your eyebrows, and please don't pluck your eyebrows in direct sunlight. Now I'm going to tell you why this is wrong. When you're generally plucking your eyebrows, these days we are all at home, we are not going to the parlour, so when you're plucking your eyebrows, what happens is sometimes we end up pulling out a lot of it and we don't need to get rid of that. We only need to clean around our eyebrows. We don't need to literally make them super thin. The trend is such that most celebrities even keep really bushy eyebrows. They clean and they shape it, of course, but it's really nice and bushy and that's very much trendy. For me, I've noticed whenever I'm plucking my eyebrows early on in the morning or in the evening, I'm doing just fine but when the sun is directly overhead, I'm just like plucking my eyebrows like a maniac, you know. You're going to get carried away and you're going to pull out a lot more because you're going to be able to see very clearly and you're just going to pull out a lot of hair and you don't need to do that. So it's best that you do it when the sun is not too high, not directly on your face. Celebrities just like us are also trying to stay at home right now. and this is just a tiny little hack. My next tip is to stop over-washing your face. Now, when you wash your face and I know you get that really clean, squeaky feeling, and who doesn't want that, right? But you're not realizing it's damaging your skin in the long run, you're damaging the network of skin cells and fat that's essentially staying on the outer layer of your skin and protecting it against all the other factors in the environment. So when you're washing, you're literally damaging it so much. You don't realize it immediately, but most celebrity dermatologists recommend twice a day cleansing your face because that just gets rid of all of the pollutants and irritants in your skin and that's basically why you need to cleanse. Next, let's talk about a few makeup hacks now. What do celebrity makeup artists do on these celebrities? How did they look picture perfect all the freaking time? The first thing is contour under your jawline. I think you've heard about this. Some might not have thought about this, but in any case, let me just take you through it once again. Just get any powder that is darker than your skin. Take it from ear to ear. Just contour this whole area and make sure you take the neck, even a little bit right over here and then just nicely blend it all out. And to get that attention away from the jawline so that it doesn't look super prominent, just add a little bit of highlight, a little bit of blush and you're good to go. Have you ever wondered how celebrities even in winters, in the dry dull season, how do they still have, like, really dewy makeup and picture-perfect makeup? Let me tell you, the first thing they do is before applying a foundation that's like the base of your makeup, they add a little bit of facial oil to it. What this does is, firstly, it makes sure that your skin is very moisturized, even against the wings that are slapping your face in winters. And secondly, it makes sure your makeup does not end up looking cakey. Not only does this help your makeup look good, but it also helps your skin in the long run. So next time you're applying foundation, add a little bit of facial oil, remember, it goes a long way. You know, how we always apply lipstick, but then we eat and then we drink stuff and the lipstick just kind of fades away, even though they say nine to five and this and that, it kind of fades away, you know what I mean? Let me tell you this quick hack. The first thing you need to do is apply lipstick, any lipstick of your choice - red, pink, brown, green, whatever. Just put a tissue over your lips and blot with powder. Once that's done, take off the tissue paper. Re-apply your lipstick and I'm telling you, try it out again. This way, your lipstick stays on forever and ever. And it basically turns it into a stain that makes it last much, much longer.

Those are all of the hacks that celebrities are not really telling you, secrets that celebrities have and they've been following for quite some time and they don't tell you.

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