Casual Summer Outfit Essentials

We have all seen the common fashion going beyond convention in past 3-4 years, especially under Covid-19. Since March 2020, we have start to realize the importance of comfortable clothing on both, our physical relaxation and mental contentment. And nobody can deny the fact that we don’t need hard and painstaking fashion in order to stand out. So, as suggested by the title, I have listed some essentials for the summer 2021 which are fashionable, yet so casual and free that you must inculcate in your wardrobe.

Trending Necks

Tops styles keep on coming and going in a loop and this summer has brought some of the modest pieces in such a sleek, hippy fashion, you are to love it! Started with cowl neck in 2019, now we’re talking sweetheart and square necklines. They are said to have their origin from 15th century and have once again made a remarkable appearance in the market. They suit all kinds of chests- right from AA to H and enhance the shape of your bust.

Power of Sleeves

As a Bolly-buff kid, I have grown up watching stars like Madhuri Dixit, Divya Bharati, Karishma Kapoor and other rocking puffed sleeves in 1990s. And they add to the list of summer’21 as well. You talk about off-the-shoulder tops, floret dresses or vintage wear, they can instantly amp up your look and infuse both, luxury and breeze in your outfit.

Doll up - tiered dresses

Special mentions to tiered dresses because they are making an appearance again! Summers are all about breezy maxis. Tiered dresses look and feel extremely carefree and the cuts on silhouette add layers to your figure.

Informal Formals

Before we move on to another staple, can we calm down, meditate and focus our energies on how COOL THESE PRINTED SHIRTS ARE! Satin shirts have been in fashion for a while now but such printed shirts are to die for! Like solids, you can tuck them in, let them out, tie them up or keep them the way you want. You can find so many prints trending this summer- florals, animals, caricatures, plaid, patterns, conventional, tie-dye, abstract honestly, I can’t suggest one.

Twirl it - Satin skirts

Long flowy satin skirts, especially when they are smocked or pleated add frisk in your outfit and playfulness to your mood. They feel so soft on skin and don’t stick to my legs during summers which invites sweat and rashes. I love to put one on and swirl as if I’m one of the 12 Dancing Princesses.

Fashion those Feet

I personally am a big fan of comfortable shoes because of endless factors and getting to know that fashion industry has evolved to add comfort in heels is a whole new level of satisfaction. No doubt, block heels, platforms and wedges can feel as good as your flats but until now, we’re stuck on soles. With Suede slims coming in, we’re talking soles, baby! Such fits along with Mule heels can be really cushiony and convenient beneath your foot balls and toes which hurt the most.

Gold Charms

Dainty chains and hoop earrings have been in trends for a while now but 2021 has brought newer versions around Evil Eye Charms, Butterfly Pendants, Vintage Coin Necklaces, Link Chains and so much more! The best part is, they are all dainty and instantly grab the eye attention at one glance. They add a minimal element and refrain you from looking dull or boring. I suggest you should definitely have at least one statement piece out of these. These things are so pinteresty and certainly add a touch of cuteness to any outfit.

Aesthetics on my Mind (Or Hair)

Lastly, let’s talk hair accessories. Summers call for something light headed items which look cute yet stylish, both at once. I remember once coming across this meme regarding elastic bands that said, 2 loops- too loose, 3 loops- too tight and girls still can’t get over the struggle. Now, I have completely switched onto scrunchies which I think are far better in both, the look and feel for your hair. Using satin scrunchies has not only dramatically reduced my falling hair count but also replaced all the clutchers and grips in my vanity. I’ve my eyes on latest forms of oversized organza scrunchies and I think you should too. Apart from these, there are so many items like satin headbands, bandanas and embellished clips to try from. There are so many small biz doing this - you can get loads of cute accessories.

Ready to rock this season? Watch this video for more!

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